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AudioTX Communicator

Software ISDN Codec with APTx and MPEG coding
Connections over ADSL, DSL, IP Networks, ATM and Ethernet

AudioTX Communicator ISDN codec software for PC or Laptop
  • Uses standard PC Sound card and ISDN hardware
  • COMPATIBLE w/ CDQ Prima, Telos Zephyr, Glensound
  • Works on a LAPTOP or a standard PC
  • Optional APTx coding for APT ISDN

Musicam USA

Musicam CDQ Prima isdn audio codecs
Musicam RoadRunner isdn audio codecs

* CDQ Prima ISDN Codecs, Prima LT, RoadRunner & NetStar ranges

**  NEW  **
Live Audio over any IP Network

Robust, transmission grade live audio with just a 5ms delay.

STL-IP works over LAN/WAN, Telco MPLS networks, E1/T1, Wireless and even Internet.

Corporate ISDN Radio Interview systems

ISDN Radio Interview systems codecs
  * Live Radio Interviews in broadcast
    quality from your office or home
  * Perfect for company spokespersons,
press offices

ISDN Codecs

Glensound ISDN Audio Codecs

* ISDN Mixers for reporters and OB work
* Rackmount dual G.722 & Apt-x codecs


EasyCorder digital audio recorder DAT

* Digital Audio Recorder and ISDN Audio Codec combined
* Built-in audio editing
* Perfect for reporters

cdq prima remote control software windows pc

* Windows remote control software for the CDQ Prima series of ISDN audio codecs
* Simply the best set of controls for the CDQ Prima that we've ever seen!




CDQ Prima/Telos Zephyr compatible ISDN codecs for just £1249 €1999 !
AudioTX ex-demo
PC systems in our
Specials & Secondhand section.

IntelliPRIMA Remote - Windows pc remote control software for the CDQ Prima

For general information on ISDN audio codecs, take a look at our
ISDN guide

Our discussion area
has help and advice on choosing and using ISDN audio codecs




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ISDNAUDIO.COM is the world's leading supplier of ISDN Codec systems. We offer the best selling products from the top manufacturers at the lowest prices.

On this site, we offer sales of ISDN codec systems and a huge amount of information and advice on how they work and how to choose the right system for your application. Please do take a look at our ISDN codec guide, and if you have questions, you can email us directly or post them in our discussion forum.

We specialise in ISDN audio codecs, supplying everyone from small studios and individual users to the world's largest broadcast organisations. We are always happy to offer free help and advice, so if you are unsure of what system you need, or how to achieve the results you want, please do ask.

We deal directly with most of the major ISDN codec manufacturers, and we regularly test and evaluate all of their products - we've even helped out with the design of some of them!. The codecs we sell on this site are the ones that we class as best of breed - they offer the best quality, work reliably and are easy to use, and offer excellent audio quality. For studio applications, we recommend the Musicam range - including the CDQ Prima and CDQ Prima LT ranges. The AudioTX Communicator system is one of our newest and offers excellent quality, new and easy ways of working, and an incredibly low price. We also sell the full Glensound ISDN units range.

We maintain one of the biggest stocks of second hand items that you will find anywhere - frequently in stock are the most popular ISDN codecs from Musicam and Telos - like the CDQ Prima, Telos Zephyr, Telos Xstream and many others.

We can also provide a full studio installation service - if you need any kind of ISDN codec based facility, we can help with the design, supply of any ancillary equipment, installation and training in its use. From a voice-over setup through to a network broadcast transmission suite, ask us for more information and pricing.

One of our newest offerings is equipment for ISDN Radio Interview studios. We can advice, specify and install equipment for company press offices, spokespersons and professional interviewees that is compatible with our line of equipment for broadcasters and will allow you to conduct down-the-line radio interviews from your home or company offices. This equipment is also ideal for press agencies and PR professionals.

Our price promise on all equipment means that we'll always try to beat any genuine price you may have been quoted by a local distributor in your country or even an online broadcast sales company - normally we can offer you significant savings on Musicam CDQ Prima and CDQ Prima LT, the Glensound ranges and most products that we offer for sale.

ISDN Codecs are used by broadcast and professional audio studios for the live transmission of studio quality audio. The codec connects to an ISDN line - these are available in most countries worldwide from the majority of phone companies, and costs are similar to those of ordinary telephone lines. When you connect two studios, both using compatible codecs, a live, high-quality, low-delay audio connection allows programme transmission, transfer of broadcast quality audio, voice-over work, dubbing, commentaries etc.



























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