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We are Europe's leading specialists in ISDN equipment for radio interviews - perfect for company spokespersons, PR agencies, expert commentators and politicians.

With one of our easy-to-use equipment packages, you can connect to radio stations worldwide for studio-quality, down-the-line interviews direct from your home or office

Corporate ISDN Radio Interview Systems information

If you are regularly a guest on radio programmes, you'll know how much time and money is wasted in having to travel to the radio station each time. Having your own ISDN contribution system will allow you to be interviewed directly from your office, home or any other location you choose. Broadcasters get the same high quality that they would get if you went to their studios - far better quality than a telephone interview - and they know that they can get you at short notice too!

For Company Press Offices & Spokespersons
We can provide ISDN codec systems for use in company press offices, PR and advertising agencies, at the homes of key company spokespersons and management, and at event or conference locations.

With an ISDN radio interview system, radio stations can just 'dial you up' and conduct an interview with you - and know it will sound as good as it would if you were in their studios. This is a huge improvement over 'telephone interviews' which are more stressful for the spokesperson, less satisfactory for the radio station and tiring for the audience to listen to. Our research shows that where companies or spokespersons have an ISDN contribution system available, they are much more likely to be offered coverage by broadcasters.

AudioTX Communicator ISDN codec
A variety of systems are available to suit every requirement and we are able to help you through each of the stages of getting a system: we offer advice, design and specification, equipment sales and a full installation and commissioning service.
All systems are supplied with broadcast quality microphone, headphones, and 'ready to go' with all required cables and accessories. We can provide an additional range of items including recorders and loggers, studio furniture and room acoustic treatment. Our team of broadcast engineers can install and commission equipment on site for you and are always on hand to answer any questions.
Glensound ISDN Interview system

All of our corporate ISDN radio interview systems are genuinely easy to use. All you need to do is let the radio stations know that you have an ISDN system available - we even provide a 'broadcaster information sheet', which details the exact specifications of your system and that you can fax or email to the radio station when your interview is arranged. You then simply switch on your system, put the headphones on, and make yourself comfortable in front of the microphone. Radio stations normally dial into you and within seconds you will be ready for the interview.

We can also provide training in the use of all systems for company spokespersons and members of your management team likely to use the facility - including training sessions on microphone technique, through to interview skills coaching and discussion of key issues that you are likely to be questioned about.


More Information?
For more information, please do take a look through the information on this site and/or contact us directly - we're always happy to advise and talk you through the different types of equipment available that will meet your needs.




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