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AudioTX Communicator






Software-only ISDN Audio Codec for PCs and Laptops

All Windows versions

Now with optional APTx coding!

An MPEG and APT ISDN codec (APTx) in one - for way less than the price of either!

An MPEG2, MPEG3, G.722 and G.711 ISDN Audio Codec AND IP Network codec all in one. With optional APTx

ISDN operation compatible with all other major codec brands

IP Network operation works over DSL, ADSL, Cable Modem and company or office LAN/WANs


yes... we can't believe it either!


Perfect for news and sports reporters, Voiceover and production studios and as an ISDN interview system.

Over the past years, the two questions that we have been asked most regularly here at ISDNAUDIO.COM have been:

  • - Is there a low-cost way of connecting to ISDN Codecs from a PC?
  • - Can I get a cost effective ISDN codec that offers APTx as well as standard MPEG Layer 2, Layer 3 (MP2, MP3) connections?
  • - Can I use ASDL/DSL/Cable-Modem instead of ISDN to send and receive live audio?

Finally, with the launch of AudioTX Communicator, the answer to these questions is: YES!

AudioTX has loads of great advantages - a few of the main ones are listed below. Put simply, it works, is easier and nicer to use than old-fashioned codec boxes and offers great audio quality. But if you just want to get straight to it and download a trial copy or buy the software, head on over to the product website -

It's a software-only ISDN Audio Codec, which uses standard Sound cards and ISDN cards - so you decide on the quality you need. Recommended Audio and ISDN hardware can be purchased directly... e.g. a Broadcast Quality sound card and ISDN card together for around £210 $300 €335... but you can also use it with a Sound Blaster card if you like.

It's compatible - it works with a CDQ Prima, Telos Zephyr, Glensound, Philips, Dialog and all the other well known brands. What's more, its adaptive auto-detect technology makes cross-connections a breeze!

Add the optional APTx codec pack and it also offers APTx ISDN connections using Standard and Enhanced APTx coding and becomes compatible with APT ISDN codecs, Glensound and others.

Because it's software only, you can easily install it on a Laptop for reporting and outside broadcast use.

If you have ADSL, DSL, a Cable-Modem or other high speed internet connection, it can do the job of an ISDN codec over all these.

Its IP Network capability means you can also use AudioTX to link studios over a company LAN or WAN.

The price, which is around 15% of the cost of a standard black-box codec!

AudioTX Communicator is available for FREE
download as a trial version and the product can
be purchased online from AudioTX at:


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