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GlenSound Products
A range of ISDN codecs, including the popular GSGC4 and GSGC5 models, with built-in mixers, for highly-efficient remote and studio working.

Note: The Glensound 3U range has international ISDN protocols
built in for worldwide use (NT1 required in USA). All other products
in this range are designed for Euro-ISDN (DSS1) use only.

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Looking for our recommendations on an APTX, G.722 and MPEG codec?

If you need an ISDN codec that offers APTx coding as well as MPEG coding (MPEG Layer 2, Layer 3, G.722 etc), look at the

AudioTX Communicator software, now with optional APTx Pack.

glensound isdn mixer aptx
GSGC 4/5/5a/5f
Portable ISDN Audio Codec and Mixer
Battery/Mains powered
Available in four mixer configurations
MPEG II, APTx and G.722
64 bkits single b-channel operation
Built-in monitoring matrix
Compact self-contained ISDN solution
isdn mixer aptx mpeg
8 channel portable ISDN Codec+Mixer
Battery/Mains powered
MPEG II, APTx and G.722
64 bkits single b-channel operation
Built in compressors (2), monitoring,
             PFL and talkback system
isdn codec

GS 3U ISDN System
This system is centred around the tiny 3U high module pictured (left), which contains two separate G.722 codecs and an international dual TA

  • Dialing and codec control via DTMF in-circuit
  • Range of diallers available separately
  • Talks' back to user to confirm actions/call progress
  • Each codec also capable of acting as telephone hybrid
  • Range of 1 & 3U subracks available to accommodate up to 10 modules
  • Also available as a portable battery/mains 'brick' including mic pre-amp

Get 20 ISDN codecs and TAs into just 3U of rack-space!!


GSGC 6 1U System
audio codec glensound

  • MPEG II, G.722 and APTx
  • 64 kbits single b-channel operation
  • 1U subrack system accepts one or two codec modules
  • RS-232 remote-controllable
  • Range of dialers - free standing or for direct mounting into studio furniture


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