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Maycom EasyCorder
Second generation portable DAT
replacement with built-in editing
and ISDN audio codec facilities

PortaDAT replacement: portable digital audio recorder

The EasyCorder is a second generation digital audio recorder, designed to replace portable professional DAT recorders and with on-board editing and (optional) built-in ISDN facilities. 

The ISDN option allows live 2-way operation -  making the system ideal for reporter use -  during which recorded items can also be played in live.

Ease of use and reliability are key to the design of the EasyCorder, and as a result all commonly-used functions are in easy reach and all settings and functions performed by the user are displayed on a large, bright LCD screen.

The EasyCorder offers great versatiltity -  there are  digital, analogue and microphone-level inputs and outputs, and audio can be stored as linear or compressed MPEG-II/BWF file formats.  Analogue inputs have switchable 12/48v phantom power, 20db pad, HP filter and limiter.  During playback and recording, edit points (markers) can be placed for easy access later.  All editing using the EasyCorder is non-destructive using EDL's and cut/paste/copy functions are also available.  Off-chip monitoring (the equivalent of a 4 head analogue machine) is available and an internal loudspeaker and headphone jack are provided.

Battery life is up to 10 hours -  and charging time between 1 and 3 hours depending on whether the recorder is used during that time.

Using the ISDN card option, the EasyCorder can be used as a portable battery/mains ISDN audio codec for reporting/sports-commentary use, offering MPEG-II 64kbps mono operation plus G.722/G.711.  During live ISDN connections, audio from the recorder can be played in as inserts.  The microphone is muted during playback of recorded audio, and the reporter even gets 3 cue-warning beeps as the end of a segment of audio approaches.

With the Modem/GSM option, audio can be sent back to base over standard/mobile telephone lines using the EasyCollector software for Windows.

In another innovative feature, the EasyCorder offers instant-on-recording.  In this mode, a RAM buffer continuously captures the last 20-60 seconds of audio even when the recorder is in stop mode.  When the record button is pressed, the contents of this buffer are captured at the start of the recording.  This is ideal for reporters at press-conferences or for interviews where only a few short sound-bites will be required.

maycom easycorder digital audio recorder with built-in editing and isdn
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The EasyCorder digital audio recorder is available in Blue/Charcoal Grey and is supplied with carrying strap and alkaline battery holder.  Accessories as detailed below available separately.

EasyCorder available models

Part No. Option
ECC-SP80 Blue EasyCorder with 80MB internal flash storage
ECC-SP160 Blue EasyCorder with 160MB internal flash storage
ECC-SP220 Blue EasyCorder with 220MB internal flash storage
ECC-CL80 Black EasyCorder with 80MB internal flash storage
ECC-CL160 Black EasyCorder with 160MB internal flash storage
ECC-CL220 Black EasyCorder with 220MB internal flash storage

EasyCorder Options:

Part No. Option
ECC-ISDN ISDN codec option (installs in PC card slot)
ECC-MG Modem/GSM option (installs in PC card slot)
ECP-BP4000 NiMH battery pack 4000mAh
ECP-MA Mains adaptor AC 100-240V
ECA-CB Carrying bag
PCS-ECOL EasyCollector for Win 85/98/NT

EasyCorder FlashCards -  plug-in additional PCMCIA storage media

Part No. Option
ST-FC48 ATA Flashcard 48MB
ST-FC80 ATA Flashcard 80MB
ST-FC160 ATA Flashcard 160MB
ST-FC20 ATA Flashcard 220MB
ST-HD520 ATA Hard-disk 520MB


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