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3U Range


GlenSound GS 3U Range
Modular codec range offering G.722 and G.711 operation
in an extremely compact physical cofiguration.

The GS 3U range is made up of one or more of the
main modules (below) plus an optional combination
of subracks and DTMF diallers

Also available is the Glen-Brick - a single GS 3U codec module built into its own portable housing with PSU - shown near the bottom of this page.

glensound G.722 multiple isdn audio codec
  • Each 3U module features two G.722 codecs and a TA
  • Possible to accomodate 10 modules in 3U of rack-space - that's 20 codecs and TAs in just 3U of space!
  • Each codec also works in telephone hybrid mode
  • Dial & configure using DTMF tones so you can use existing audio circuits for system control
  • World-wide selectable ISDN protocols
  • Compact self-contained 'ISDN Brick' unit also available with optional built-in MIC amp.


Available Components

GSGC 9 dual G.722 codec/dual TA   3U module

3U subracks


All subracks can accomodate up to 10 GSGC 9 modules and one GSGC 13 dialler

GS3U-ISDN-Z 3U subrack with PSU
GS3U-ISDN-V 3U subrack with PSU & 4 rear panel Varicon connectors
GS3U-ISDN-X 3U subrack with PSU and 40 rear panel XLR connectors
GS3U-ISDN-X2 3U subrack with PSU for 4xGSGC9 and 4x GSGC16 diallers

Dialler units



GSGC10 Hand-Held Dialler
Small, hand-held PP9 DTMF dialler with line/mic level outputs and acoustic output on internal speaker






3Ux14E module with DTMF dialler plus built-in monitor speaker and talkback key/mic.
Fits in 3U subrack system or can be mounted into desk woodwork.  Audio in/out available on Bantam jacks in panel.  Powered from 3U subrack system.

As above to fit GS3U-ISDN-X2 subrack


ISDN Bricks


portable G.722 isdn codec


GSGC 9 module with PSU, balanced XLR in and out.  115/230v mains operated.   Call setup/control via DTMF and voice-responses


GSGC18 As above, with one codec having MIC input built-in.  Front panel gain control


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