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GlenSound GSGC6 Range
ISDN audio codecs, operating on MPEG-II, APTx and G.722
available in a number of different combinations

Note: The Glensound 3U range has international ISDN protocols
built in for worldwide use (NT1 required in USA). All other products
in this range are designed for Euro-ISDN (DSS1) use only.

The GSGC6 Range comprises a 1U subrack which can take one or two codec modules. The subracks contain the power supply and are available with built-in terminal adaptors, or without for X.21 only use.

The following codec alogorithms are available:

  • G.722
  • APTx
  • MPEG-II & G.722
  • APTx & G.722


Product summary:

  • Self-contained 1U subracks containing PSU, 1 or 2 codecs and TA
  • MPEG II, APTx, G.722, X.21
  • 64 kbits (one channel) per codec
  • RS-232 remote control capabillity
  • Selection of control units available

Designed for broadcast studio use, this 1U subrack system allows up to two installed codecs and TAs to operate with a wide selection of audio protocols. Control is via. a selection of diallers or RS-232 from a PC.

These codecs are simple to use and very robust. They are therefore ideal for newsgathering, live programme transmission, or the studio ends of live commentary links.



glensound isdn codec

Available Components

GSGC6 1U subrack with PSU & twin TA ready to accept 1 or 2 codecs
GSGC17-1 1U subrack with PSU ready to accept 1 codec
GSGC17-2 1U subrack with PSU ready to accept 2 codecs
G722 G.722 codec for GSGC6/17
APTx APTx codec for GSGC6/17
MPEG-DUAL Layer 2 codec plus G.722
APTx-DUAL APTx codec plus G.722
GSGC7 Hand-Held Dialler
Small, hand-held dialler with LCD display
glensound isdn audio codec
GSGC14 Multiple codec controller
Designed to fit on a studio desk.  Four independent positions with LCD displays show status of four seperate codecs in GSGC6/17 installations (i.e. up to 2 fully populated 1U racks)

Also requires GSGC15 infra-red remote below

GSGC15 Dialler for GSGC14
With standard 12 dial buttons plus further four buttons and LED which determine which of the four codecs is being controlled.  Infra-red remote link to GSGC14 unit.
GSGC14A/15A As above, but wired versions
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