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GlenSound GSGC8
ISDN audio codec with built-in mixer for large-scale
Outsite Broadcasts and Remotes

Note: The Glensound 3U range has international ISDN protocols
built in for worldwide use (NT1 required in USA). All other products
in this range are designed for Euro-ISDN (DSS1) use only.

isdn audio code mixer glensound

Widely used in The UK and Europe, the GSGC 8 ISDN Mixer combines an outstanding range of functions, amazing flexibility and ease of operation within an amazingly small footprint.

Truly simple to use, the GSGC 8 is equally suitable for outside broadcasts - especially sporting events - and studio use, for example in newsgathering or remote studios. 

All 8-channels on the mixer accept MIC/LINE inputs and have 48v phantom power available. EQ: each channel has a 12 dB/octave high-pass filter and a mid-range control to provide +/- 10dB at two pre-set frequencies. There's also an auxilliary mixing bus and two built in compressors. Other standard facilities include push-button PFL, PPM metering, monitoring & headphone feeds, talkback facilities.

Presenter and Operator headphones are completely, and separately, configurable, and there's even a mini 4-channel mixer for this purpose. This unit can be operated from mains or battery power. All inputs and outputs are balanced, and L/R mix outputs together with all cue feeds, the aux bus etc etc. are available on the back of the unit. The operator is able to instantly record a 16 second line identification message which can be sent continuously interspersed with 1kHz tone during set-up. Is there anything that the guys at Glensound didn't think of???


Codec/TA Options

The GSGC 8 mixer must be specified with your choice of codec module: G.722
MPEG II  (64 kbits) & G.722
APTx (64 kbits) & G.722
All codecs include Euro ISDN TAs
(and also include an X.21 port for external TAs/Satellite/Data circuits)
TA Protocols:

BTNR 191
I 420


Other Specifications

Mic inputs Impedence   1000-1500 Ohms
Gain                30-70 dB
Transformer  Balanced
Line inputs Impedence    >15k Ohms
Max Gain      10 dB

Operator and presenter headphones patchable with required signals in L/R ear.  Seperate 4 channel mixer for operator headphones.

Impedence   300-2000 Ohm
Split (Left=cue, Right=mix) or normal  modes
ISDN 1 channel (64kbits)
X.21 15 pin D-socket
Battery Supply External 24v battery
(not included)
External AC 115/230v AC Power
Size 407mm x 308mm x 127mm
Weight 5700 grammes
Accessories Supplied with case, power adapter and 3m RJ45 lead.


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