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Live audio over IP networks -  
Reliable, high quality and with just a 5ms delay

Finally, a true transmission grade, low delay system for audio over ANY IP Network - including private networks and the Internet

AudioTX STL-IP gives you live audio transmission over IP networks with transmission grade audio quality & robustness and extremely low delays - as low as 5ms!

Editor's note: This product is an interesting departure for us - as you'd have guessed from the name of our business, we specialise in ISDN codecs. For a while now, we have been looking at audio over IP - and in fact, we have been selling the AudioTX Communicator software for some time, which does audio over IP alongside being an ISDN codec. We have tested other IP codecs - and they just haven't performed well enough for us to recommend them. This new product has really impressed us - it truly offers audio over IP that will meet the expectations of broadcasters and professional audio users - even in 24/7/365 applications, including as the name suggests, STL (Studio to Transmitter Link) applications.

  • Transmit and receive audio using UDP, TCP/IP, or Multicast network protocols over ANY IP Network - including private networks like LAN or WAN, Wireless networks, Satellite, T1/E1, ATM or the Internet.
  • A single STL-IP system can send audio on up to 6 connections at a time. Using Multicast, audio can be sent to an unlimited number of destination units. Audio can be received from one remote location, independently from transmission.
  • AudioTX STL –IP works with linear (uncompressed) audio at up to 24 bits and 96kHz sample rate, or compressed audio via built-in Professional Grade MPEG Layer 2 and MPEG Layer 3 coding/decoding, J.41 and ADPCM.
  • PLUS, add optional MPEG4 AAC, AAC low delay, HE-AAC (AAC Plus) with the AAC Codec Pack.
  • PLUS, add optional Enhanced APTx coding (16 and 24 bits) with the APTx Codec Pack.
  • Optional Forward Error Correction (FEC) and network jitter compensation where required.
  • Professional grade analogue balanced Stereo audio inputs and outputs plus AES/EBU digital audio in/out, external wordclock input. Audio in/out at up to 24 bit, 96 kHz sample rate
  • Synchronous transmission of serial ancillary data and/or contact closures (TTL GPIO)
  • Incredibly flexible and cost-effective solution.

AudioTX STL-IP can send live audio using up to 6 simultaneous connections - including any combination of UDP, TCP/IP or UDP Multicast (to an unlimited number of destinations for each UDP Multicast connection). The system can receive audio from one location.

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