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GSGC4 & 5


GlenSound GSGC4  GSGC5 /5a/5f
ISDN audio codecs with built-in mixer for location
working - e.g. news and remotes.

Note: The Glensound 3U range has international ISDN protocols
built in for worldwide use (NT1 required in USA). All other products
in this range are designed for Euro-ISDN (DSS1) use only.

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GSGC4 5 isdn audio codec mixer aptx

Widely used in The UK and Europe, the GSGC 4/5/5a/5f range of ISDN mixers provide an easy to use, compact ISDN facility.

Truly simple to use, these units are ideal for sports commentators, small OBs, news gathering, remote studios and corporate offices for company spokespersons. 

The mixers include codec, TA, PPM metering, monitoring & headphone feeds, and a number of mic/line inputs (model dependent). They can be operated from mains or battery power.


Available Models

GSGC 4 2 channel mixer (1 MIC & 1 TAPE input)
GSGC 5 4 Channel (3 MIC & 1 TAPE input)
GSGC 5a 4 Channel (3 MIC & 1 TAPE input) plus PFL
GSGC 5f 4 Channel (2 MIC & 2 TAPE inputs)


Codec/TA Options

Each mixer comes must be specified with your choice of codec module: G.722
MPEG II  (64 kbits) & G.722
APTx (64 kbits) & G.722
All codecs include Euro ISDN TAs
(and also include an X.21 port for external TAs/Satellite/Data circuits)
TA Protocols:

BTNR 191
I 420


Other Specifications

Mic inputs Impedence   1000-1500 Ohms
Gain             30-70 dB
Transformer  Balanced
Line inputs Impedence    >15k Ohms
Max Gain      10 dB
Headphones Impedence   300-2000 Ohm
Split (Left=cue, Right=mix) or normal modes
ISDN 1 channel (64kbits)
X.21 15 pin D-socket
Battery Supply 3x D-type alkaline cells
Life:  6-10 hours
External DC 6-9 v.d.c.  (power adapter included)
Size 235mm x 227mm x 90mm
Weight 2700 grammes incl. batteries
Accessories Supplied with case, power adapter and 3m RJ45 lead.


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